Club Wealth

Michael Hellickson

As an agent for over 20 years, Michael Hellickson consistently listed and sold over 100 homes/month. With 50% retail, and 50% distressed and REO closings, Michael’s extensive knowledge of all aspects of real estate is unparalleled.
Like Many agents, Michael started with nothing. He began his real estate career in high school, and was actually the #1 Listing Agent in his office before graduating! By 2009, Michael had built the #1 Team in America.
As a coach and business consultant since 2001, Michael has helped shape the careers and lives of the top agents and teams in the industry. He founded and continues to coach with Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting, the #1 Team Centered Coaching Company in the World! With programs for everyone from brand new agents to the biggest teams in the World, Club Wealth® is considered by many as the premier real estate coaching company worldwide.
Due in large part to the amazing coaches, each of whom actively sells real estate, and in higher volume than the agents they coach, Club Wealth® touts the highest client growth and retention rates of any coaching company in real estate today!
Michael and his wife Tara live in Bonney Lake WA with their 2 children, Madison and Austin, and their dogs, Ruby and Ginger. They are all active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for which Michael served a 2 year, full time mission in Hamburg Germany.
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